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Role of Vitamin E and Selenium in Anoestrus and Conception

Kalyan Sarma G Das Mani Saravanan M Kumar DB Mondal
Vol 2(3), 37-41

The relationship between nutrition and reproduction is a topic of increasing importance and concern among dairy producers, veterinarians, feed dealers and extension workers. Early research confirmed that nutrition played an important role in reproduction, but in most cases severe nutritional deficiencies were required to cause reproductive problems. Therefore, the suggestions have been to feed cows for top production. Only then, the nutrient requirements for reproduction will be adequately met. Today, however, many people are implicating feeding programs as the cause of breeding problems in dairy cows. Deficiencies of various trace minerals, inadequate vitamin intakes, energy protein imbalances and excessive protein intakes are mentioned as contributors to infertility and poor reproductive performance. Relatively little is known regarding the possible effects of long term marginal deficiencies, the interaction of many nutrients, especially trace minerals and the effect of excessive intakes of some of these nutrients. This fact sheet presents some of the available research information relating nutrition, tore production in dairy cows.

Keywords : Vitamin E Selenium

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