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Ruminocentesis – An Emergency Aid in Goats

Chandana Mandadi Padmaja Katta Lakshmi Korsapati
Vol 8(3), 234-237

The present study comprises of nine goats, presented to campus veterinary hospital, college of veterinary science, Rajendranagar with history of anorexia, distended abdomen, diarrhoea, lack of rumination, dull and depressed. Past history revealed accidental ingestion of cooked rice, chapathi and vegetable market waste. Clinical examination of goats revealed reduced rumen motility with normal vitals. Ruminocentesis was performed to relieve accumulated gas in the rumen and treated with anti histaminics, B complex vitamins, rumen buffers and ruminotorics.

Keywords : Goats Emergency Aid Ruminal Acidosis Ruminocentesis Tympany

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