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Sarcosystocis in an Adult Brahman Cow

Chisoni Mumba Girja Shankar Pandey Cliff Kakandelwa
Vol 2(2), 271-275

This paper describes a case of Sarcocytosis in an adult Brahman cow, diagnosed based on macroscopic and microscopic findings, after being erroneously diagnosed as Bovine Cysticercosis on parasitological examination. Histopathological findings showed a spindle-shaped sarcocystis cyst, measuring 250µm in length and surrounded by variable numbers of inflammatory cells, with presence of muscular degeneration. Very little or no literature is available stressing on the need to carryout routine histopathology on suspected cases of Cysticercosis. This case report therefore emphasizes on the significance of carrying out routine histopathological examination on cases suspected to be Cysticercosis based on parasitological examination in order to rule out Sarcocystocis which is of public health significance (zoonotic disease).

Keywords : Cysticercosis Histopathology Parasitology Sarcocystocis

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