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Seasonal Histomorphometrical Study on Corpus Epididymis of Buffalo Bull

Veerpal Kaur Virk Varinder Uppal Neelam Bansal Anuradha Gupta
Vol 9(3), 325-330

The present study was conducted on corpus epididymis of twelve adult buffalo bulls, collected from slaughter house during different seasons of the year i.e. spring season, summer season, autumn season and winter season. The tissues were collected, fixed in 10% NBF and processed for paraffin sectioning. The sections of 5-6 μm were stained with different stains. The study revealed low epithelial height, small luminal and tubular diameter during summer season. The intercellular and intracellular vacoulations were abundantly present and more pronounced during summer season in the corpus epididymis than other seasons.

Keywords : Buffalo Epididymis Histomorphology Seasonal Study

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