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Seasonal Variation in Body Condition Score and Morphometry with Age of Crossbred Cattle at an Organized Farm in Kashmir Valley

Ashaq Manzoor R. A. Patoo Asra Khursheed Tahir Nazir Parvaiz Ahmad Dar Insha Afzal
Vol 7(9), 126-133

Present study was conducted to evaluate season wise variation in body condition score (BCS) in different physiological stages and association of morphometry with age of crossbred cattle (Jersey x local cattle) maintained at Mountain Livestock Research Institute, Mansbal, SKUAST-Kashmir. Fifty four crossbred cattle of same parity were examined for BCS on 6 point scale through seven different physiological stages viz. calving (CL), early lactation (EL), mid lactation (ML), late lactation (LL), dry period (DP) and heifers. Body measurements visa,body length, height at withers, chest girth and pelvic girth were taken in animals of age group 1.5-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5 and 5-8 years. Results revealed that BCS of crossbred cattle was comparatively low in winter than autumn season with more depression in months of November and December. Body length and height at withers increased significantly (P<0.05) with age upto 3 years. Chest girth and pelvic girth increased significantly (P<0.05) upto 4 and 5 years of age, respectively, while body weight increased significantly (P<0.05) with age.

Keywords : Body Condition Score Body Morphometry Physiological Stages Season

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