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Seasonal Variation in Select Stress Related Hormones and Lactate Dehydrogenase Enzyme in Zebu Cattle

Mayuri Chetia Satya Sarma Jitendra Goswami
Vol 7(6), 118-124

The present investigation was carried out on twelve numbers of Indian zebu cattle of 2 years of age. The study aimed to see the variation in certain stress related hormones and LDH enzyme of zebu cattle in summer and winter seasons of Assam. The select stress related hormones such as cortisol, T3 and T4 were estimated by RIA technique and the enzyme i.e. LDH (lactate dehydrogenase) activity was estimated by using commercially available kit. The results showed that there was a significant (P<0.01) difference in the estimated hormones and LDH concentration between the summer and winter seasons. The significant change in hormone concentration and enzyme activity in summer might be attributed to the adaptation of the animals towards the changing climate.

Keywords : Season Hormones LDH enzyme Zebu Cattle

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