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Serum Biochemical Components in NARI Suwarna Ewes at Different Stages of Pregnancy

Shwetha H. S. Narayana Swamy M. Ranganath L. Srinivas R. B. Kalmath G. P. Veena M. P.
Vol 8(7), 232-237

The present study was designed to assess the serum biochemical parameters in NARI Suwarna ewes at different stages of pregnancy and diestrus. Non-pregnant ewes (n=7) at diestrus stage served as control group (Group I). The second, third, fourth and fifth month pregnant animals served as Group II, III, IV and V, respectively. Total serum protein, albumin and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and chloride were determined from serum samples using commercially available reagent kits. The total protein, albumin, calcium and phosphorus levels in Group IV and V were significantly (P<0.05) lower compared to control group. However, serum sodium, potassium and chloride concentrations did not differ significantly between various groups. It was concluded that the reduced levels of total serum protein, albumin and certain minerals during late gestation periods could be due to haemodilution by blood volume expansion during pregnancy and increased demand of nutrients for the growing fetus.

Keywords : Calcium and Phosphorus NARI Suwarna Ewes Pregnancy Protein

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