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Serum Biochemical Parameters and Meat Quality Influenced Due to Supplementation of Sodium Butyrate in Broiler Chicken

Deepa K. Purushothaman M.R. Vasanthakumar P. Sivakumar K.
Vol 7(8), 108-116

A biological trial was conducted to assess the effect of sodium butyrate on serum biochemistry and meat quality parameters in broiler chicken. The trial consisted of 6 experimental diets. The diets were control group fed diet without antibiotic (AB), group fed diet with AB (Oxytetracycline – 50 ppm), groups fed diet with two levels of coated sodium butyrate (CSB) (0.09 % and 0.18 %) and uncoated sodium butyrate (UCSB) (0.03 % and 0.06 %) without AB. The serum protein fractions, parameters of kidney and liver function tests, HI titre against Newcastle Disease and serum antioxidants were not influenced by the inclusion of AB, CSB or UCSB. CSB at both levels of incorporation was found to lower the total (P<0.01) and LDL cholesterol (P<0.05) when compared to the control diet without AB while, the reduction was significant only at higher level of CSB when compared to group fed diet with AB. UCSB did not influence the cholesterol levels. Supplementation of CSB, UCSB or AB did not alter serum mineral levels, except sodium which was increased (P<0.05) in group fed CSB at 0.18 %. The sensory evaluation and quality parameters of meat were not influenced by treatment groups. The overall acceptability of meat of birds fed both levels of UCSB was poorer than other treatment groups. It can be concluded that supplementation of sodium butyrate did not greatly alter the serum biochemical parameters and meat quality except the reduction of serum total and LDL cholesterol due to coated sodium butyrate.

Keywords : Sodium Butyrate Oxytetracycline Broiler Chicken Serum Protein Cholesterol

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