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Sexual Behaviour Response of Sahiwal Breeding Bulls Exposed to Different Estrus Specific Molecules

Santu Mondal Mukesh Bhakat Ajeet Singh Satendra Kumar Yadav Abdul Rahim M. Sathiyabarathi
Vol 7(3), 74-80

Uniform sexual stimulation is important to maximize the production of semen but regularly semen donating bulls are confronted by artificial semen collection stress at any semen station. Therefore, an experiment was planned to find out suitable estrus specific molecules for better sexual preparation of bulls at the artificial breeding station. Same bulls were exposed to seven estrus specific molecules ( squalene, 1-iodoundecane, acetic acid, coumarin, propionic acid, oleic acid and 2-butanone) and the behaviours like flehmen response, licking, tongue manipulation, vocalization, urination, defecation, penile movement, tail raising, arch back condition, back kicking were observed. The data was analysed by one way ANOVA. The exposure of Acetic acid and 2-butanone, bulls were getting excited and expressed higher flehmen (0.87±0.05 and 0.85±0.06), tail raising (0.55±0.08 and 0.65±0.08), making sound (0.38±0.08 and 0.30±0.07), arch back condition (0.83±0.06 and 0.62±0.08), back kicking (0.25±0.07 and 0.20±0.06), urination (0.95±0.03 and 0.98±0.03) and defecation (0.63±0.08 and 0.65±0.08) as compared to control and other molecules. The results showed that Acetic acid (7.45±0.18), 2-butanone (7.25±021) and oleic acid (6.42±0.16) got maximum score out of seven estrus specific molecules and control. It can be concluded that 2-butanone, acetic acid and oleic acid were most effective in sexual preparation of Sahiwal bulls, before semen collection.

Keywords : Sahiwal Bulls Estrus Specific Molecules Behaviours Sexual Behaviour Score

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