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Shelf Life Evaluation of Chicken Meat Nuggets Incorporated With Gooseberry (Pulp and Seed Coat) Powder as Natural Preservatives at Refrigerated Storage (4±1oC)

Goswami Mayank Bhavesh Prajapati Solanki Bhoomi Nalwaya Shishir Ashish Shendurse
Vol 9(5), 53-63

Antimicrobial effect of gooseberry pulp powder (GPP) and gooseberry seed coat powder (GSCP) were used as natural preservative in spent-hen meat nuggets. Treated product along with control were studied for their physico-chemical, proximate analysis and sensory quality during storage at refrigerated temperature (4±1oC). With the advancement of storage period, the values of pH, TBARS and microbiological count increased significantly (p≤0.05) in all samples. Coliform counts were not observed during the complete storage period. Proximate analysis of the products showed non-significant (p>0.05) effect with increasing storage period, however there was a significant (p≤0.05) increase in the moisture content. The sensory attributes were decreased significantly (p≤0.05) in all samples of nuggets during storage at refrigerated temperature (4±1oC). On the basis of results obtained, it is concluded that nuggets prepared with incorporation of GPP and GSCP had better shelf life and are highly acceptable than control.

Keywords : Gooseberry Pulp-Powder Gooseberry Seed Coat Powder Spent Hen Meat Nuggets Storage Study

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