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Short Term Administration of Soluble Guanylyl Cyclase Stimulator BAY 41-2272 Improves Kidney Functions of L-NAME Hypertensive Rats

Shahid Prawez Azad Ahmad Ahanger Thakur Uttam Singh Souvendra Nath Sarkar Santosh Kumar Mishra Shafiqur Rahman
Vol 8(3), 249-259

High blood pressure is a chronic disease known as “silent killer”. BAY 41-272 is showing antihypertensive and cardio-protective activity. Present study was planned to analyse the effect of BAY 41-2272 on Mean Arterial Pressure, biochemical parameters and histomorphology of hypertensive rats. Male wistar rats were divided in three groups namely control (group-A), L-NAME induced hypertensive rats (group-B) and BAY 41-2272 treated L-NAME hypertensive rats (group-C). Group-A was treated with normal saline solution intramuscularly for last three days. However, group-B was treated with both last three days of saline solution and 42 days L-NAME (50mg/kg) administration from day one orally dissolving in drinking water. Whereas, group-C followed same treatment protocol of group-B and in addition BAY 41-2272 was administered daily for last 3 days (day 40-42) at two different dosages (1 & 3mg/kg) intramuscularly dissolving in saline solution. Three days BAY treatment significantly ameliorate biochemical parameters and improves histomorphology of BAY treated rats compared to untreated hypertensive rats.

Keywords : Ameliorate Biochemical BAY 41-2272 Histology Hypertension Short Period

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