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SNP1 (G-1539A) of Toll- Like Receptor 4 Gene Polymorphism in Indigenous Cattle of North East India vis-a-vis Crossbred Cattle

Chukham Gohain Keyolenu Yore Lalhruaitluangi G. Poulinlu P. Mayengbam N. Shyamsana Singh T.C. Tolenkhomba
Vol 8(12), 58-63

The study was conducted to study the polymorphism in bovine Toll-like Receptor 4 gene in 160 indigenous cattle of North East India (viz. Manipur, Mizoram and Assam) and crossbred cattle. Two different variants of SNP1 (G-1539A) of TLR4 gene viz. A and G were detected by PCR-RFLP using BglI. The frequency of A allele was predominant (0.513) among Manipur indigenous cattle. On the contrary, the frequency of G allele was predominant in indigenous cattle of Mizoram and Assam and crossbred cattle. Among the genotypes, GG genotype was found in moderate to intermediate frequency among the local cattle of North East India. While the genotype GG was high in the crossbred population. The population conforming to equilibrium indicated lack of selection pressure in these cattle population.

Keywords : Indigenous Cattle Gene Frequency North East India Toll- like Receptor 4 Gene

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