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Socio-Economic Characterization of Some Milk Value Chain Actors in the Vina Division- Producers, Collectors and Processors

Clemence Aggy Njehoya Youssouf Mfopit Mouliom Paul Marie-Désiré Ko Awono Kingsley Etchu Robert Domwa Akuro Andisson Choh Bella N. Siri
Vol 7(9), 196-204

The study was conducted to have an insight on the milk value chain in the Vina division. In each village, milk producers, collectors and processors were interviewed. The producers encountered had a relatively low level of education (73% were primary school leavers or had no formal education). Women were very poorly involved in the production and collection of milk (1.5%). The cattle breed mostly used in dairy production was Gudali. Only 42.8% of villages had milk collection points. Most of the milk collected was sold or consumed. Cattle were naturally grazed. The animals were only milked in the morning. The mean production per cow varied according to the breed: Goudali (2.47 liters), Holstein (6.6 liters) and cross-breeds (3.29 liters). The different milk products were- Curds (85.2%), pasteurized milk (52.9%), butter (14.7%), cheese (2.9%) and cream (2.9%) of transformers. There is a need for training at all levels of the chain.

Keywords : Bovine Cameroon Milk Value Chain

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