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Socio-Economic Status of Backyard Poultry Rearing Rural Women of Bundelkhand Region of Uttar Pradesh

Rita Bharti M. P. Sagar Mahesh Chander Deepa Singh Prabhat Yadav
Vol 8(11), 158-163

Backyard poultry is a part and parcel of rural life. It is considered as a women-domain, since the contribution of women in backyard poultry farming is overwhelming. Keeping this in mind, the study has been conducted with an objective to describe the socio-economic status of backyard poultry rearing rural women. The present study was conducted purposively in Banda and Hamirpur districts of the Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh among the 80 backyard poultry rearing rural women. The study revealed that rural women were pre-dominantly young-aged and married, belong to Hindu religion and scheduled caste, with small, nuclear family having medium level of family education status. They are primarily agricultural labourers keeping small size backyard poultry flock as secondary occupation with marginal land holding, low annual family income, low annual income from backyard poultry (21.10% of annual family income).

Keywords : Backyard Poultry Bundelkhand Rural Women Socio-Economic

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