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Socio-Personal Profile of Butchers and Meat Retailers in Jammu District of Jammu and Kashmir

Rayees Ahmed Bafanda S. A. Khandi Aditi Chanoria
Vol 7(11), 227-235

The present study was conducted in Jammu district of Jammu and Kashmir State to access the socio-personal profile of butchers and meat retailers. Three major slaughter houses of Jammu district situated at Nagrota, Old Rehari and Gujjar Nagar were selected for the study. A list of butchers in the selected slaughter houses was prepared. Ten butchers from each slaughter house were selected randomly. After preparing the comprehensive list of meat markets operating in Jammu district, three meat markets were selected, and from each selected meat market ten retail meat shops were randomly chosen. From each randomly selected retail meat shop, one person was selected purposively who was actively involved in animal slaughter and sale of meat at retail meat shop. Thus, a total of thirty butchers and thirty retailers were selected in all. Data was collected through interview schedule as well as through observations. The data was coded, classified, tabulated and analyzed using the software; Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS 16.0). The presentation of data was done to give pertinent, valid and RELIABLE answer to the specific objectives. Frequencies, percentage, mean and standard deviation were worked out for meaningful interpretation. Majority of the respondents belonged to middle aged group. Most of them were illiterate. Mainly male members of general and other backward castes were found in this profession. Majority had 5 to 10 years of experience and medium workload. None of them had received any formal training. All the respondents had meat retailing as major occupation while butchery work at slaughter houses as the subsidiary occupation. Majority of the respondents were from middle income family and they were earning income between Rs.10, 000 to Rs.15, 000 monthly from meat handling profession.

Keywords : Butchers Experiences Meat Retailers Meat Retail Shop Slaughterhouses Training Workload

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