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Spontaneously Occurring Fatal Rabies in a Donkey

Ayele Gizachew Bojia Endebu Mahendra Pal Jiwaro Abdo Asefa Deressa
Vol 2(3), 109-111

This paper presents a case of naturally occurring rabies in a 3-year-old female, non- descript donkey from Debre Zeit, Ethiopia. The affected animals exhibited the signs of colic, restlessness, abnormal sound, ataxia, biting its legs and around udder besides rubbing against objects. As narrated by the donkey owner, the animal was bitten by a stray rabid dog. The donkey died 48 days following the bites by the rabies affected stray dog. The owner of the animal could not get the post bite treatment of the donkey. The diagnosis was confirmed by the detection of virus particles in the brain of the donkey by fluorescent antibody technique. There was no evidence of disease in other animals and also in the members of family. The abnormal behavior of the animal after the bite with a stray dog or other wild animals may be considered as an indication of rabies so that the animal may be kept under strict vigilance. Since rabies is a highly fatal viral zoonosis, the importance of pre -exposure and post -exposure immunization and dog population management is discussed from control point of view. We also recommend the wider application of fluorescent antibody technique for the rapid diagnosis of rabies in animals. In authors view, this seems to be the first confirmed case of rabies in a young donkey from Debre Zeit , Ethiopia.

Keywords : Dog bite Donkey FAT Immunization Rabies Zoonosis

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