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Status of Dairy Production in Goa

Samir Kumar Das Muthu Karunakaran Narendra Pratap Singh Anuradha Naik
Vol 7(10), 98-104

Survey was done on the aspect of housing, feeding, management and disease occurrence of cattle in six talukas spread over two districts of Goa. Sixty farmers were interviewed personally and it was revealed that most of the farmers were belong to small category (41.66 %) i.e. having cattle in the range of 6-10. However, 30.00 % farmers were of very large category who is maintaining cattle more than twenty. 76.66 % farmers are rearing cattle in the intensive system of management. Most common type of dairy house was concrete semi open. Most common orientation of dairy house was east – west (53.34 %) which is most scientific as this house provides most comfort to animal. 65.00 % farmers followed standard floor space provision. Ventilation system in 50.00 % cattle house was good ie they were maintaining proper height and inclination of roof as well as proper height of the side wall. Most common cooling system was manually by splashing cold water on the body surface of cow two times (63.33 %). 41.67 % farmers were providing paddy straw as dry fodder and 45.00 % farmers were providing Hybrid Napier (CO3 variety) as green fodder to their dairy cattle in Goa. Most common reproductive disorders were repeat breeding followed by dystocia and abortion. Most common disease of cattle in Goa was reported to be mastitis.

Keywords : Dairy Housing Diseases Goa Management Milk Production Nutrition

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