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Storage Period and Its Effect on Hatchability of White Breasted Pearl Guinea Fowl Eggs

S. Akilarasan R. Asha Rajini S. Meenakshi Sundaram Nibedita Nayak N. Ramamurthy
Vol 7(4), 244-249

The study was conducted to determine the effect of storage period on the hatchability of white breasted pearl Guinea fowl eggs. Total 1002 eggs were collected from a guinea fowls of 32-35 weeks of age reared on deep litter. These eggs were categorized into three different storage periods (zero, four and eight days). Zero day storage eggs, were transferred to the incubator immediately after egg collection, while the other two groups were transferred to the egg storage room maintained at 18°C with 75-80% relative humidity. Four and eight day’s storage category was transferred on the respective days to the setter for incubation. Maximum hatchability was observed on zero day of storage (59.43% ± 0.40) and minimum at eight days (51.28% ± 0.61) of storage. Eggs stored for zero day had significantly (P<0.01) low per cent of early and late embryonic mortality while egg stored for eight days had highest early embryonic mortality, eggs stored for four days had significantly (P<0.01) high late embryonic mortality. Hence, quick processing of guinea fowl eggs are needed to get better hatching percentage and higher keet survival rate by avoiding embryonic abnormalities.

Keywords : Guinea Fowl Eggs Hatchability Incubation and Storage Period

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