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Storage Stability of Pork Emulsion Incorporated with Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) Tree Bark Extract

Ritika Birla Om Prakash Malav Rajesh V. Wagh Nitin Mehta Manish Kumar Chatli Pavan Kumar
Vol 9(2), 95-109

Arjuna tree bark extract was incorporated at three different levels separately in pork emulsion after replacing the lean meat in the pre-standardized formulation. The control and treatment pork emulsion was packaged in LDPE pouches and stored aerobically under refrigeration (4±1°C) for 9 days and analyzed at regular interval of 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 days of storage. Water activity decreased significantly (P<0.05) with the advancement of storage period. Redness (a*) value, lightness (L* value) and yellowness (b* values) of control and treatment emulsion, followed a declining trend with the increase in storage time. Oxidative stability parameters followed an increasing (P<0.05) trend throughout the storage period. Microbiological count followed an increasing trend in control and treatment emulsion. Sensory scores showed declining trend with increase in storage time.

Keywords : Antioxidant Colour Profile Extract Storage Sensory

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