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Strengthening Research-Extension Linkages in Veterinary Universities

Sushil Kumar Sinha Mahesh Chander M. S. Kannadhasan
Vol 9(3), 263-272

Higher research and educational institution by its nature has provisions for collaboration, coordination and linkage but due to various constraints, it fails to strengthen establish such linkage. This study was carried out to identify such constraints in maintaining university research-extension (R-E) linkage and propose strategies to overcome them. Using pre-tested, semi-structured questionnaire, data were collected from 120 respondents comprising 80 researchers and 40 extensionists sampled from four veterinary universities representing four main regions of India. Of the total 28 problems identified, ‘lack of initiative for joint action’, ‘unsatisfactory performance of available communication channel’, ‘deficiency of adequate budget for linkage activities’, ‘available technologies’ inappropriateness for field level application owing to basic flaws in planning and implementation of research agenda’ and ‘lack of motivating force to towards linkage’ were most prominently perceived constraints by the respondents. Spearman-rank-correlation revealed the relationship exists between research and extension personnel. Of the total 14 strategies, the respondents recognized most-appropriate to strengthen linkage included; ‘training for managers/directors to co-ordinate linkage’, ‘allocating staff time to linkage activities’, ‘forming integrated field teams’ and ‘adopting improved personnel management practices’. The results would help the university administration to strengthen its research-extension linkage.

Keywords : Constraints Linkage Research-Extension University

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