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Study on Comparative Efficacy of AV/CAP/18 with Synthetic Amino Acid Supplementation on Broiler Growth and Performance

Naga Raja Kumari K Srinivas Kumar D Naga Mallika E Anurag Borthakur
Vol 7(12), 273-279

A study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of AV/CAP/18 and synthetic amino acid supplements on broiler growth and performance. Vencobb day old chicks of 156 numbers were randomly distributed into 4 treatment groups with 3 replicates of 13 birds each. Basal diet without any amino acids was prepared (control T1). Basal diet was supplemented with DL-Methionine at 1.25kg/T and AV/CAP/18 at 2kg/T (T2), AV/CAP/18 at 2kg/T (T3), Lysine@1kg/T, MHA at 2.5kg/T, Choline chloride 600g/T, Biotin 150g/T (T4) were prepared and fed adlibitum to the birds (1-38 days). Feed intake (FI), body weight (BW), feed conversion ratio (FCR), economics, serum and blood parameters, carcass yield were measured. Significantly increased BW, better FCR, more profit and higher carcass yields were observed in T2 followed by T4 group. Serum and blood parameters were not influenced by the source of amino acids. Basing on the results it can be concluded that broiler diets can be supplemented with AV/CAP/18 along with DL-Methionine instead of synthetic amino acids for better performance.

Keywords : Broilers Herbal Amino Acids Performance Synthetic Amino Acids

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