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Study on Effect of Non Genetic Factors on Disposal Pattern in Cross Bred Cattle Up to Age at First Calving

Vipin Kumar Upadhyay R. K. Mehla A. K. Gupta M. Bhakat S. S. Lathwal and Rohit Gupta
Vol 7(2), 78-84

A study was planned on cross-bred Karan Fries dairy cattle herd, maintained at Livestock Research Centre (LRC), ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal located in the Trans-Gangatic plains of Indian agro-climatic zone, to analyse the disposal pattern and replacement rate. The 20 years data were classified in 4 periods i.e. P1, P2, P3 and P4, each comprising of 5 years. The year of birth/calving was divided into 4 seasons, according to climatic condition of the farm as winter, summer, rainy and autumn. The parities were classified in 6 groups (I, II, III, IV, V and VI and above) and birth weight of calves divided into 4 groups (≤22; 23 to 26; 27 to 30 and ≥31 Kg). The percent of animals disposed off due to mortality and culling was calculated as proportion by Descriptive statistics and influence of various non-genetic factors by Chi- square method using SPSS Software. The average abnormal birth in cross-bred KF was found to be 11.70% in 4744 calving. The incidence of disposal, mortality and culling upto age at first calving were found as 40.38, 33.21 and 7.16% respectively. Mortality and disposal were higher in calves born during summer season while lower in winter season. The replacement rate on female calves and total calves basis were 59.61 and 29.00%, respectively. It was observed that the calves born with lower birth weight shown the higher disposal and mortality, while lower replacement rate. It is concluded that there is need of intensive care and management of calves born with lower birth weight as well as some better managemental practices during hot and humid climatic condition, which is unfavorable to cross bred animals, to reduce the involuntary disposal and maximize the replacement rate.

Keywords : Abnormal Birth Culling Disposal Karan Fries Mortality Replacement Rate

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