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A Study on the Effect of Physico-Chemical Characteristics, Palatability and Storage Quality of Kibbles Incorporated With Slaughter House By-products for Canine

Kuleswan Pame Sathu. T. Vasudevan V.N. Prajwal S. and Gunasekaran
Vol 7(8), 228-237

Shelf stable pet kibbles (SSPK) for adult dogs were standardized by incorporating meat-cum-bone meal (MCBM), offal and rendered fat (RF) by baking at 1500C for 50 min. The pet kibbles were packed in PE/Al/PA laminated pouches stored at ambient temperature up to 60 days. The addition of MCBM and RF improved the overall nutrient quality, cooking yield and palatability compared to control. Palatability attributes and preferences were prominently higher for SSPK compare to control. Thio Barbituric Acid Reacting Substances (TBARS), Tyrosine value (TV, Total Viable Count (TVC) and Yeast and Mold count significantly increased with advancement of storage period in both control and SSPK. However the increase in TBARS, TV and microbial load did not adversely affect the palatability attributes. From the study, it can be inferred that pet kibbles with good nutritive value, palatability and stability with lower cost can be prepared by incorporating slaughter house byproducts.

Keywords : Pet Kibbles Meat-Cum-Bone Meal Rendered Fat Shelf Life

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