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A Study on Empowerment of Rural Women through Backyard Poultry in Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh

Rayala Reddy Vosuru Bhargavi Matli Krishna Kanth Reddy Matli
Vol 7(9), 212-219

The present study was conducted to analyze the rearing knowledge and socio economic status of rural women in three selected villages in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh on the productivity of the backyard poultry, knowledge improvement of women respondents on poultry rearing and their perception of improved empowerment and income generation. Thirty women beneficiaries were personally interviewed using a questionnaire and supplied 45 Vanaraja chicks (ICAR-PDP) for each individual. In spite of their age, education, social status and income levels, they actively participated in poultry rearing activities under natural conditions in villages with normal facilities at home. It was found that there is considerable increase in egg yield, and body weight gain in kg/year (female and male). The findings of the study revealed most of the poultry rearers (53.00%) were middle aged with primary to secondary level education and small size family and agriculture as primary occupation. Majority (84.17%) of the respondents were marginal to small land holding and getting low level of income. Majority of the respondents had low level of material possession. The productivity performance of backyard poultry knowledge level of beneficiaries on backyard poultry production technology and perception on empowerment have clearly showed that the backyard poultry rearing had a significant impact towards socio-economic development of the rural women folk in generating more income for leading their families happy.

Keywords : Backyard Poultry Rural Women Socio-economics Women Empowerment

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