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Study on Health Care Management Practices of Buffaloes in Murrah Tract of Haryana State

Sarita S. P. Singh S. S. Sangwan Gautam Anika Malik
Vol 7(9), 117-125

A field survey of randomly selected 250 buffalo farmers of Murrah tract of Haryana state revealed that most of the farmers (80.8 %) vaccinated their animals against the contagious diseases; only a few farmers (28.8 %) were adopting deworming of adult animals whereas majority (56.4%) of dairy farmers were deworming their calves only after infestation. Most of the farmers (99.2 %) did not adopt disinfection of animal shed whereas 15.2 per cent of farmers used disinfectant while bathing the animals. It was observed that isolation of sick animals was done by only 23.6 per cent of the farmers and ectoparasites control measures adopted by dairy farmers were different. It was found that 66.4 per cent farmers were following recommended dose and duration of medicine for their animals and 72.4 per cent of them trimmed the horns of their animals. Only 31.2 per cent respondents were not handling the aborted foetus and discharges with bare hands and 26.8 per cent were following the withholding period of medicine treated animal’s milk before consumption. Overall about 66.8 per cent farmers were having medium level of adoption. Caste, education, land holding and knowledge of healthcare practices had highly significant relationship with the adoption of health care practices.

Keywords : Adoption Haryana Health Care Management Murrah Buffalo

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