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Study of Temperament and Phenotypic Traits of Murrah Buffaloes

Sandeep Dhilod Dipankar Kar Sajjan Sihag Narender Singh Suresh Kumar Chhikara
Vol 8(11), 112-118

The study was conducted to find the relationship between various breed characteristics of Murrah buffaloes with the milk yield. The phenotypic characters studied were brisket distance, head type, face type, horn pattern, tail switch color, udder depth, teat tips, teat shape, rear attachment of udder, fore udder shape, rear udder shape and temperament. These breed characteristics (head type, face type, udder shape etc.) were further studied to establish a direct relationship with lactation yield. Docile behavior of animals was associated significantly (P<0.05) with high milk yield than aggressive and nervous animals. It was inferred from present study that flat head and wide brisket animals will produce significantly (P<0.05) more milk. Milk yield was found closely related with most of phenotypic characters studied in relation to udder viz. teat shape, udder depth, rear attachment, rear and fore udder shape.

Keywords : Breed Brisket Milk Yield Murrah Phenotype Temperament

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