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Study on Various Morphometric and Bristle Traits of Doom Pigs of Assam under the Existing Management System

Mokidur Rahman Arundhati Phookan Galib Uz Zaman Arpana Das Farzin Akhtar Jakir Hussain Shantanu Tamuly
Vol 9(4), 138-145

The present work was designed to study various morphometric and bristle traits of Doom pigs under field condition covering the breeding tracts viz. Dhubri, Kokrajhar, Goalpara, Bongaigaon and South Salmara Mankachar districts of Assam. Data pertaining to 247 and 40 animals were utilized for the study of various morphometric and bristle traits respectively. The average body length, height at withers, heart girth, neck girth, head length, head width, ear length and tail length were 16.83±0.90, 12.77±0.17, 22.75±0.27, 16.35±0.25, 5.96±0.09, 4.41±0.07, 3.42±0.07 and 5.38±0.09 cm at birth, 42.06±0.32, 34.50±0.24, 40.32±0.37, 36.05±0.24, 12.38±0.13, 9.67±0.10, 6.60±0.07 and 12.50±0.20 cm at weaning and 71.01±0.59, 58.67±0.39, 73.16±0.46, 62.25±0.49, 22.28±0.23, 13.97±0.14, 9.81±0.13 and 20.22±0.26 cm at adult age respectively. Sex was found to have significant effect on head width and tail length at birth; body length, height at withers, heart girth and neck girth at weaning and heart girth and head length at adult. Females were found to have higher averages for different body measurements as compared to males. The average bristle length and bristle diameter were 10.87±0.17 cm and 368.30±6.50 micron respectively. Significant effect of sex on bristle length and diameter were observed. The values were higher in males as compared to females. Location of bristle on body revealed non-significant effect on bristle length where as significant effect on bristle diameter. Bristle diameter was highest in bristles from withers region of males and neck region of females.

Keywords : Bristle Doom Pig Morphometry Migratory Scavenging System

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