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Study On the Perception of Farmers on Adoption of Strategic Supplementation of Mineral Mixture and Urea Molasses Mineral Block in Buffaloes

Shivanand Kumbar Veeranna. K. C. Harisha. M. Gopala. G. T.
Vol 7(1), 107-115

An on farm research was conducted in Bidar district to study the response of buffaloes to strategic supplementation of mineral mixture and Urea Molasses Mineral Blocks or in combination of both and also to assess the perception of farmers. Forty eight lactating buffaloes which were in first trimester of lactation were randomly divided in to 4 groups viz, T0, T1, T2 and T3. The animals in T1, T2 and T3, group were supplemented with mineral mixture, UMMB and both respectively. The animals of T0 were kept as controls without any supplementation. The results showed that the combination of mineral mixture and UMMB significantly (p≤0.01) improved the milk yield and mineral mixture or UMMB alone showed non significant increase in milk yield among them. Total solids, milk fat and organic matter of milk showed non significant increase. However, SNF of milk increased significantly in T3 and T2 groups. The conception rates among buffaloes of various groups were 92 per cent in T1, 83.33 per cent in T2 and cent per cent in T3 and only 50 per cent in control group. Three-fourth of the farmers appreciated the increase in milk yield and 70 per cent of the farmers appreciated the increase in consistency of milk. Eighty one percent of the farmers reported that the technology was economically feasible and no constraints were reported.

Keywords : Perception Supplementation Mineral mixture UMMB Buffaloes

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