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A Study on Prevalence of Canine Otitis Externa – A Report of 42 Cases

Challa Bharath Kumar Reddy Nalini Kumari Syaam Sundar Vinod Kumar
Vol 7(3), 197-201

The prevalence of Otitis Externa was found to be 6.88% with 42 affected dogs upon screening a total of 610 cases presented at College Veterinary hospital during the study period. The percent prevalence of unilateral and bilateral otitis externa were 64.28 (27 dogs) and 35.71 (15 dogs) respectively with the involvement of 57 ears. Of the 27 dogs with unilateral otitis externa, right ear was infected in 15 dogs (55.55%) and left ear was infected in 12 dogs (44.44%). High prevalence (19 out of 57 ears i.e., 33.33%) of otitis externa was seen in the age group of >5years. Occurrence was more in males (61.40%) and Labrador retriever (22.80%) breed of dogs.

Keywords : Age Prevalence Otitis Externa Labrador Retriever

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