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Successful Management of Dystocia Due to Fetal Ascites and Incomplete Cervical Dilatation in a Murrah Buffalo

Gyan Singh Rishipal Yadav Gitesh Saini Pradeep Harender Singh Sonu Ghadwal B. L. Jangir R. K. Chandolia V. K. Jain
Vol 10(1), 78-83

The present communication reports a rare case of dystocia due to ascitic fetus in posterior presentation with incomplete cervix dilatation in a primiparous Murrah buffalo. Dead fetus was delivered per vaginally after cervix dilatation with combined effect of intramuscular injections of valethemate bromide, cloprostenol and estradiol benzoate and cervix massage with valethemate bromide diluted in normal saline followed by foetal abdominal puncture and forced extraction of the fetus.

Keywords : Ascitic Foetus Cystic Kidney Dystocia Murrah Buffalo Primiparous

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