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Supplementation of Ground Maize Grain and Mineral Mixture to Improve Milk Solid-Not-Fat Content in Dairy Cattle

Manjunatha Lakshminarasimhaiah Suresh N Bypanahalli Naveenkumar G Srinivasmurthy Bharathraj Basavaiah Dharanesha N Krishnegowda
Vol 8(10), 307-312

A participatory research was conducted under Sujala III watershed project with an aim to improve milk solid constituents of the dairy cattle showing low solid-not-fat (SNF) syndrome by supplementation of ground maize and mineral mixture in their conventional diets. For the purpose, sixteen crossbred cows in mid to late lactation producing milk containing SNF less than acceptable standard (8.5 %) set by the co-operative milk union were selected in two villages of Chamarajanagar District, Karnataka State. Data on feeding practices of the selected animals were collected and its analysis has revealed that the cows were deficient in most of the nutrients required for milk production, particularly energy and minerals. Based on this information, the farmers were suggested to supplement ground maize grains @ 200 g and mineral mixture @ 10 g/kg milk yield to the existing cow diet (dry sorghum ad lib + cattle feed @ 1-1.5 kg/animal). The study was conducted during summer for a period of 21 days. The data on milk yield and its constituents (fat and SNF) were recorded seven days prior to suggested intervention and fourteen days afterwards. The results revealed that the average milk yield significantly (P<0.05) increased after intervention. The milk SNF content also significantly (P<0.01) improved after supplementing maize grain powder when compared to previous feeding practice. The milk fat remained statistically similar during before and after the intervention except in one village. It was concluded that feeding of energy rich concentrate feed ingredients along with mineral mixture improves the SNF content of milk of crossbred cattle.

Keywords : Dairy Cattle Ground Maize Grain Mineral Mixture Milk Fat Milk Solid-Not-Fat

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