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Surgical Management of Dystocia due to Simultaneous Presentation of Foetuses in to the Birth Canal in a Mongrel Dog

Kamalakar Gurram Sivasudharsan Logu Bharathi Seelam
Vol 7(2), 218-221

A 4 year old mongrel bitch was presented with history of dystocia for nine hours after whelping a live pup. Futile attempts of relieving dystocia were made by administering oxytocin, calcium and glucose. Hence, caesarean section was performed and retrieved two dead pups, one in anterior presentation and other in breech presentation. Etiology of this dystocia was diagnosed as simultaneous entry of two foetuses into the birth canal that struck just before cervix.

Keywords : Mongrel Bitch Dystocia Foetal Causes Simultaneous Presentation of Foetuses into Birth Canal Caesarean

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