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Susceptibility Level of Ornithodoros spp. (Acari: Argasidae) to Some Commercial Synthetic Pyrethroids in North Gujarat

K. P. Shyma Veer Singh J. P. Gupta
Vol 9(3), 62-67

Ticks are known to be a nuisance in the animal production sector and serve as vectors for several diseases of human, livestock and pets. In animals, tick infestations are much more severe than in humans. However, the prevalence of soft ticks is comparatively lower and wherever they are present they cause severe economic loss by sucking the blood of animals. Acaricides form the center of control and eradication efforts; however, their long term use has generated acaricide resistance among ticks. Commercially available preparations of 1.25% EC deltamethrin and 10% EC cypermethrin were used for assessment of their acaricidal activity against soft ticks; Ornithodoros spp. by using Larval Packet Test. The commercial preparations of both the pyrethroides (deltamethrin and cypermethrin) failed to show complete mortality either at the manufacturer’s recommended dosage or at highest concentration employed in this study. The study revealed that there is an urgent need to study the acaricidal resistance status of soft ticks prevalent in different areas and as per result obtained.

Keywords : Acaricides Cypermethrin Deltamethrin Ornithodoros

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