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Thermoadaptability of Stud Bulls using Heat Tolerance Indices under Heterologus Climate

Tripti Kumari Subhransu Pan Debasish Satapathy Rajeev Kumar Choudhary Beena Sinha
Vol 8(1), 47-54

Present experiment was conducted on 25 stud bulls (5 from each genetic group belonging to Sahiwal, Gir, Jersey cross, Holstein-Friesian cross and Murrah buffalo bull) at Frozen Semen Bull Station, Haringhata, Nadia (West Bengal) in two seasons, viz., winter and summer to study their thermoadaptability under heterologus climate. Rectal temperature, pulse rate and respiration rate of bulls were recorded in forenoon and afternoon and three heat tolerance indices (Iberia heat tolerance indices, Benezara coefficient of adaptability and Dairy search index) were calculated as per formula. Significant (P<0.01) variations among genetic groups, seasons and genetic groups within a season were observed in all the three methods of thermoadaptability estimation. Rank of a particular genetic group with respect to heat tolerance capability was not same in all the three methods. During summer season heat tolerance indices showed higher deviation from their respective values of perfect thermoadaptability as compared to that of winter season. Bulls found to be more adaptable in winter season as compare to summer season.

Keywords : Heat Tolerance Indices Thermoadaptability Stud Bulls Season

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