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Trans-Abdominal Ultrasonography during Second and Third Trimester in Pregnant Murrah Buffaloes

Gyan Singh Ramesh Kumar Chandolia Ravi Dutt Anil Saini Jasmer Dalal Rakesh Kumar Malik Suresh Kumar Chhikara
Vol 7(12), 174-185

Ultrasonographic studies using trans-abdominal probe were conducted on six healthy pregnant Murrah buffaloes from 4th to 10th month of gestation. The fetal heart beat was also recorded on 5.5 month (136.83 ± 1.70) of gestation which decreased significantly (92.5 ± 3.43) as gestation period advanced. The pixel values of fetal fluid (40.44 ±1.19 to 36.72 ±2.33) varied non-significantly during the entire period of examination. The decrease in resistive index (RI) and pulsatility index (PI) throughout the gestation was recorded which may be due to progressive maturation of the placenta and increase in the number of tertiary stem villi. With the advancement of pregnancy there was significant reduction in RI (1.39 ±0.18 to 0.66 ± 0.97) and PI (3.72 ± 0.65 to 1.17 ± 0.15) values of umbilicus from 6.5 to 10th month of gestation indicating the sufficient blood flow to fetus and thus maintenance of normal pregnancy. It is concluded that pregnancy and fetal status could be assessed after five and half months of gestation period trans-abdominally.

Keywords : Fetal Heart Beat Pregnant Pulsatility Index Murrah Buffaloes Resistive Index Ultrasonographic Studies

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