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Trypanosomiasis – An Impediment Livestock Development

Asif Iqbal R. Singh Najimaana Wani Mir irfan
Vol 2(1), 52-57

Haemoprotozoan diseases rank high in importance amongst parasites of livestock and even man. Diseases caused by them have devastating effect on livestock wealth leading to heavy economic losses. These loses are due to reduced productivity, mortality and cost of treatment. These diseases are present throughout the world, but are most numerous and exert their greatest impact in the tropical and subtropical regions because of greatest vector activity in these regions. In India, they are the major health impediments to efficient livestock production. The economic toll caused by these diseases is staggering. Better global control of tick-borne diseases of livestock and their vectors would contribute substantially to improved meat and milk production. The important haemoprotozoan diseases that are affecting the livestock are as under.

Keywords : Trypanosomiasis distribution clinical signs diagnosis control

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