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Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Urinary Tract Affections in Dogs

Sumathi Devaraj Ramesh Putchakayala M. Chandrasekar K. G. Tirumurugaan G. V. Sudhakar Rao

Urinary tract infections and urolithiasis are most common urological complications seen in dogs, clinically characterized by hematuria, dysuria or stranguria. Out of 3081 dogs, 385 dogs showed various abnormalities in the urinary tract upon ultrasonographic examination with an incidence of 12.49 per cent during the study period of two years. Highest prevalence was recorded in Labrador retriever (77/385, 20.00%), Spitz (74/385, 19.22%), Non-descriptive (73/385, 18.96%) and Pug (52/385, 13.51%) breeds of dogs. Small sized dog breeds which included Spitz, Pug, Lhasa Apso and Yorkshire Terrier all together contributed to 37.45% of total urological cases. Cystic calculi (47.79%), urinary bladder sediments (16.88%), cystitis (13.76%), urethral calculi (9.61%), urinary bladder mass lesions (6.49%), hydronephrosis (5.19%) and bladder rupture (0.26%) were identified as various lesions in the urinary tract. Present study showed that various urinary tract diseases were more precisely identified using 2D ultrasonography and Colour flow doppler.

Keywords : Cystitis Cystic Calculi Dogs Ultrasonography

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