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Ultrastructural Studies on Argas persicus

Pottabathula Mallesh Manchukonda Udaya Kumar Gubba Samanna Sreenivasa Murthy Mekala Lakshman
vol 7(9), 159-166

The ultra-structural details of egg, larva and adult Argas persicus were studied by scanning electron microscopy. The adult Argas persicus revealed palps, chelicera, hypostome, mechano-sensilla and basis capitulam. In male Argas persicus, the genital aperture was semi-circular in shape whereas in female it was horizontal slit like structure. The spherical eggs measured 418 ± 11.15 µm in diameter. The mean length and width of oval shaped eggs were 399.5 ± 0.50 µm and 452.5 ± 9.5 µm respectively. The tarsus of first pair of legs of Argas persicus larva (APL) consisted of Haller’s organ which was with an anterior pit and posterior capsule surrounded by rough cuticular margin. The anterior pit was circular in outline and contained seven sensilla, while 20 dorsal apertures were seen on the posterior capsule.

Keywords : Argas persicus Genital Aperture Haller’s Organ SEM

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