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Ultrastructural Studies on Proventriculus of Uttara Fowl

Rupam Sinha Meena Mrigesh Niddhi Arora S. Tamilselvan
Vol 8(5), 181-188

The study was conducted on Proventriculus of day old, six uttara fowl birds to elucidate the ultrastructural detail of it. The samples were processed as per the standard procedure TEM and SEM. Scanning electron microscopy of proventriculus mucosa revealed thick finger like mucosal folds. These folds were very close to each other arranged concentrically encircling the opening of Proventricular glands. Transmission electron microscopy revealed that the surface epithelial cell was columnar in shape having cytoplasmic processes. It had basally placed oval, elongated nucleus. The cytoplasm of cell had extensive endoplasmic reticulum, a few secretory granules and vesicles. Two types of cells were visible in proventricular glands i.e. oxynticopeptic cells and enteroendocrine (APUD) cells. The oxynticopeptic cells cytoplasm had oval, small, medium and large electron dense granules, oval or elongated mitochondria with well developed cristae, rough endoplasmic reticulum, polysomes and secretory vesicles. Enteroendocrine (APUD) cells were towards the base of the glands with very small electron dense granules. In between two proventricular glands, fibroblast and fibrocyte cells were present. In tunica muscularis cross section of the muscle cells showed large centrally placed nucleus with or without nucleoli. In longitudinal section the muscle cells had irregular spindle shaped nucleus with marginated heterochromatin. At few places there was unique presence of the mast cells in between connective tissue fibers.

Keywords : Proventriculus Ultrastructure Uttara Fowl

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