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Use of Nano Feed Additives in Livestock Feeding

Pankaj Kumar Singh
Vol 6(1) 1-14

The word nano is derived from the Latin nanus, meaning dwarf. Nanotechnology is the study of phenomena and the manipulation of materials at the nano scales, where the properties differ from those at a larger scale. Manipulation of matter at the nanolevel opens up possibilities for improving the functionality of feed molecules to the benefit of production and health of livestock. Nanotechnologies have the potential to improve nutritional assessment, to acts as novel vehicles for nutrient delivery, as well as serving as a tool to enable further elucidation of nutrient metabolism and physiology. The particle size of minerals as feed additives in nanoparticle form can pass through the intestinal wall and into body cells more quickly than ordinary minerals with larger particle size and thus improves bioavailability. There are challenges with the emergence of nanonutrients that include alter metabolism, toxicity and the environmental impact of nanoscale materials compared with microscale materials, therefore, economical, social, ethical and legal implications of nanotechnology must also be considered. Thus, nanotechnology can be used in animal feeding to improve bioavailability of nutrients, production performance and immune status in livestock.

Keywords : Nanotechnology Feed additive Nutrient Bioavailability Production performance Immunity

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