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Variation in Plasma Macromineral, Micromineral and Electrolyte Profile of Mehshani Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) during Different Stages of Lactation

Hemen Das M. Ayub Ali Pranab Chandra Kalita Basanta Saikia Girin Kalita Kalyan Sarma
Vol 8(11), 106-111

Minerals are important constituents of feed and play significant role in maintaining reproductive efficacy and optimizing milk productivity. The study was executed in 18 clinically healthy lactating Mehshani buffaloes. Plasma samples were separated from the collected blood samples of the experimental buffaloes for estimating concentration of different macrominerals, electrolytes and microminerals. It was observed that although the level of different minerals and electrolytes varied numerically during the three lactation stages, only Ca was found to be significantly (P <0.05) lower in early stage unlike the Cl, which was significantly higher in early lactation stage. The values of microminerals were found to be within the physiological range. Although, the copper and zinc concentrations were found to be the apparently lowest in early stage of lactation, the concentrations of Co, Mn and Fe were also significantly lower in this stage. Data generated in the study may assist in monitoring the health and prognosis as well as diagnosis of deficiency diseases.

Keywords : Electrolyte Lactation Mehshani Buffalo Mineral Plasma

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