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Vocalization as Potential Indicator of Animal’s Welfare for Improving Animal Management and Productivity- A Review

Indu Devi S. S. Lathwal Kuldeep Dudi Ranjana Sinha
Vol 8(5), 1-18

Voice is important mean to convey information and to express physical, psychological, emotional states. Vocalization may be viewed as a commentary, by an individual, on its own internal state. There are only few studies related to vocal behaviour for understanding the emotional states of animals. In modern farming there is growing demand of innovative tools for analyzing information concerning the herd, as well as individual animals. The vocal behaviour may provide information on the age, sex, dominance status, reproductive status and welfare of caller. Acoustic sensing is animal friendly and can be recorded non-invasively. Vocal behaviour may play a role in estrus advertisement and competitive display by bulls. Hence, it is possible to get information about stage of the estrous cycle of dairy animals by means of monitoring vocalization. If we learn to interpret this information correctly, we could use it to improve management, productivity and welfare assessment in animals.

Keywords : Estrus Non-Invasive Productivity Vocalization Welfare

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