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Characterization of Domestic Duck Production System in Eastern Region of India

Reena Kamal Poolangulam Chinnakkan Chandran Amitava Dey Pradeep Kumar Ray Rajni Kumari Bhagwati Prasad Bhatt
Vol 10(10), 118-125

A study was conducted in Eastern plateau region of India (Jharkhand, Odisha and Chhattisgarh) to evaluate the smallholder duck production systems in the region. A total of 251 duck farmers were selected for this study. The information was collected by using an interview schedule. Majority of farmers rears the duck more than 20 years. The average flock size is more in Chhattisgarh (11.76±0.60) compared to Jharkhand (9.51 ±0.67) and Odisha (9.47± 0.52). Ducks were mostly depend on scavenging for their nutritional needs in the study area. Very little percentage of duck used to hatch their eggs in Jharkhand (27.78) and Odisha (24.44) as compared to Chhattisgarh (56.34). The ducks are raised both for meat and egg purpose. The average annual egg production per duck in Jharkhand, Odisha and Chhattisgarh was ranged to be 50-70, 60-80 and 52-111 eggs per annum respectively.

Keywords : Duck Production System Desi Duck Eastern Plateau Region Production Performance Reproduction Performance

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