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Study of Biochemical Changes During Peri-Partum Period in Crossbred (Kankarej X Holstein Friesian) Cows

Anju Yadav M. M. Pathan S. P. Madhira A. M. Pande
Vol 10(10), 152-157

The whole study was conducted on six adults pregnant, apparently healthy, crossbred cows during the peripartum period i.e. from 45 days before parturition to 45 days after parturition. Nine ml of whole blood from each experimental animal was collected from the jugular vein in heparinized vacutainers. Plasma biochemical estimation was carried out using Diagnostic kits. The values of Glucose, BUN, Uric acid, Creatinine, Cholesterol and Total proteins were influenced significantly (P<0.05) by the physiological changes occurring during the peri-partum period in the crossbred cows.

Keywords : Biochemical Cow Parturition

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