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Molecular Diagnosis and Therapeutic Management of Concurrent Infection with Theileriosis and Babesiosis in Holstein Friesian Crossbred Cattle

K. Sudhakar Goud K. Vijayakumar
Vol 10(10), 158-163

Molecular diagnosis and therapeutic aspects of concurrent infection of Babesiosis and Theileriosis in five Holstein Friesian crossbred cattle are described. Pyrexia, decreased milk production and pale mucus membrane were prominent clinical signs observed. In the peripheral blood smear intra erythrocytic piroplasms Babesia and Theileria were identified. Polymerase chain reaction was performed to confirm the blood smear findings. Haematological examination revealed low haemoglobin and RBC counts. All animals were successfully treated with Inj Diminazene aceturate @ 3.5mg/kg body wt. and Inj. Buparvaquone @ 2.5mg/kg body wt. along with supportive therapy. Ticks present on infected animals were identified as Haemophysalis longocornis.

Keywords : Babesiosis Cattle Diagnosis Polymerase Chain Reaction Theileriosis

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