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Influence of Different Estrus Induction Protocols on Fertility Improvement in Dangi Cows

C. H. Pawshe R. R. Shelar G. S. Ambhore P. J. Kapadnis
Vol 10(10), 196-200

The aim of the study was to evaluate the different estrus and ovulation induction protocols for improving fertility in Dangi cow. Total 48 postpartum anoestrus Dangi cows were selected from an organized farm in Nashik. They were divided into four groups and treated with Ovsynch (G-I), PRID plus PGF2α (G-II), and PRID + Ovsynch (G-III) protocols (n=12 each), and one group was kept as untreated control (G=IV) (n=12). Before starting the hormonal treatment, all the 48 animals were treated with dewormer, Inj. AD3E, Inj. Phosphorus and Mineral mixture as premedication. The induction of behavioral estrus in group I to III was 91.66% (11/12), 83.33 % (10/12) and 91.66% (11/12), respectively. Mean duration of induced estrus in three treatment protocols I to III was 18.5 ± 0.47, 18.25 ± 0.56 and 20.02 ± 0.39 hrs, respectively. The pregnancy rates observed at induced estrus with fixed time artificial insemination were 41.66, 33.33 and 50.00 %, while the overall conception rate observed in animals of groups I to III were 66.67%, 50.00% and 75.00%, respectively. The corresponding values for spontaneous estrus and conception in untreated control group IV were 16.66 % and 8.33 %, respectively. PRID plus Ovysnch protocol was beneficial than Ovsynch alone and PRID plus PGF2α. Hence, it was concluded that all three-estrus induction and ovulation synchronization protocols established regular estrus cyclicity and majority of them conceived at induced as well as subsequent estrous cycles, proving influence of estrus induction protocols on postpartum fertility in anoestrus Dangi cows.

Keywords : Dangi Cows Estrus Induction Synchronization Ovsynch PRID Postpartum Anoestrus

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