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Effect of Supplementation of Cinnamon Powder on Growth Performance in Broiler Chickens

S. Behera K. Behera L. K. Babu K. Sethy S. M. Nanda G. Biswal
Vol 10(10), 225-229

Broilers are proving a major source of income in poultry industries. The main field in broiler research in present days is to find out ways to enhance their growth. The present study involves feeding of ration including cinnamon to varying degrees to broiler birds and observing their growth performance. A total number of 160-day-old broiler chickens were taken and divided into 4 groups with 2 replicate groups of 20 broiler chickens each. These birds were kept for 35 days under study. It was found that birds supplemented with 0.5% and 1% cinnamon level significantly enhanced the body weight as compared to control group. Birds with 1% supplementation of cinnamon powder had the best FCR.

Keywords : Broiler Cinnamon Growth Performance

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