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Biological Osteosynthesis in Veterinary Practice: A Review

Ashwani Kumar Beenish Qureshi Vandana Sangwan
Vol 10(10), 24-31

Biological osteosynthesis is not a technique but a concept of rational handling of traumatized bone fragments and surrounding tissues during fracture fixation so as to minimally expose the internal tissues including fracture haematoma to external environment. Fracture healing is a natural process and orthopaedic interventions should be attempted in a minimally invasive manner to preserve haematoma to facilitate the healing process. The decision regarding perfect anatomical reconstruction of fracture or functional stabilization should be made depending upon various factors. Exhaustive attempts to achieve exact anatomical reconstruction and traumatizing the vascular supply of already damaged tissue, may lead to pain and inflammation and thus delayed or non-union of a particular fracture. By applying strategies of biological osteosynthesis, fracture union may be enhanced and thus complications can be minimized. This review discusses the concept and scope of biological osteosynthesis in veterinary patients.

Keywords : Animals Dynamic Fracture Fixation Elastic Osteosynthesis Minimally Invasive Surgery Timing of Fracture Fixation

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