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Effect of Supplementation of Fresh Green Azolla with Low Crude Protein Diets on Growth Performance in Native Vanaraja Chicks

A. Ruba Nanthini L. Radhakrishnan P. Veeramani P. Jalantha
Vol 10(10), 244-248

An experiment was conducted with 108 numbers of one week old straight run native Vanaraja chicks randomly divided into three groups with three replicates to assess the growth performance by feeding fresh azolla with low CP level. The experimental diets contained T1: Basal diet with 16 % CP without azolla supplementation, T2: Experimental diet with 15.5 % of CP with fresh azolla supplementation @ 9 g / day / chick and T3: Experimental diet with 15 % of CP with fresh azolla supplementation @ 18 g / day / chick and fed upto 9 weeks. Data on bird’s body weight revealed significant reduction in body weight and body weight gain in low crude protein with fresh azolla supplemented groups in T2 and T3 compared to control diet (T1). Hence, it could be concluded that supplementation of fresh green azolla in low crude protein diets did not have any positive effect on growth of Vanaraja chicks.

Keywords : Azolla Crude Protein Vanaraja Chicks Growth Performance

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