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Concepts of Genomic Selection in Poultry and its Applications

Kaiho Kaisa Harshit Kumar Talokar Amol Jagannath K. A. Saravanan Divya Rajawat Manjit Panigrahi Triveni Dutt Bharat Bhushan
Vol 10(10), 32-42

The conventional breeding method has rendered immense service in animal genetics and breeding successfully. However, there are limitations of this method in the case of traits that are sex-limited, traits with low heritability, traits measured in later stage of life, etc. leading to overall slow genetic progress. On the contrary, the global demand for increased sustainable livestock production is continuously challenged. The poultry industry being one of the major sources is subjected to adopt improved and advanced technologies to meet the demand by increasing its productivity in long run. The revolution of genomic selection is already described as an efficient technology in the livestock and poultry improvement programme, justified by its increased rate of genetic gain. It would therefore be promising to integrate molecular knowledge, rather than relying solely on the conventional approach, by giving due importance in tackling the various limitations and other challenges such as environmental factors and poultry welfare.

Keywords : Genomic Selection GEBV Poultry

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